This is the official information node for the Environmental Science Institute at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Environmental Science Institute is a multi-disciplinary institute for basic scientific research in environmental studies founded by The University of Texas at Austin. The Institute serves as a focal point on campus for a wide scope of interdisciplinary research and teaching involving the complex interactions of the biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere in the Earth system, as well as the human dimensions of these interactions. Additionally, ESI coordinates cross-departmental instruction in environmental studies; facilitates education and outreach in environmental studies; and disseminates advances in the area of environmental science that are important locally and globally.

A Message from the Director

From hosting six popular free public lectures — Hot Science-Cool Talks — to seeing the new Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science take off at an amazing pace, the Environmental Science Institute continues to reach out to the broader public in greater numbers than ever before.

ESI held two productive meetings with our Advisory Council this year, a group of dedicated members of the public and private sectors that is led by Mr. Kevin Tuerff, co-founder and principal of Enviromedia. The council rapidly met the goals of its Challenge Grant to support a new staff position to lead ESI’s development effort. Support for this position also comes from generous contributions from the College of Natural Sciences and the Jackson School of Geosciences. This is an exciting time to see such focus being brought to helping ESI achieve its mission of engendering interdisciplinary initiatives in environmental science research, education and outreach.

We are just winding down from hosting and mentoring 11 undergraduate students from around the United States in ESI’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program, which is supported by the National Science Foundation. Many of the participants capped their experience by submitting an abstract for a presentation to be given at the conferences of the Geological Society of America or the American Geophysical Union.

– Jay Banner, Director of the Environmental Science Institute


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