ESI Outreach Goes Mobile with Ciencias Calientes

The Environmental Science Institute recently went mobile in Austin Texas with a new adaptation of the long running Hot Science Cool Talks outreach series. Dubbed Ciencias Calientes, this Spanish language capable outreach effort recently visited Linder Elementary school, along with Biological Anthropologist Anthony Di Fiore, for a tailor made talk on Primate Behavior. Dr. Di Fiore is part of the Department of Anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin, and can often be found cleaning monkey poop out of his clothes in order to study the genetic information. In this prelude to the upcoming April 4th Hot Science Cool Talks event, Dr. Di Fiore serenades a group of bilingual students with enchanting wild monkey calls, and discusses primate behaviors unique to several species… yes, including Spider Monkeys! You can view the talk in its entirety below!


Dr. Anthony Di Fiore Talks Primate Behavior at Linder Elementary, Austin Tx

I conduct long-term behavioral and ecological field research on several species in the primate community of Amazonian Ecuador to investigate the ways in which ecological conditions (such as the abundance and distribution of food resources) and the strategies of conspecifics together shape primate behavior and social relationships and ultimately determine the kinds of societies we see primates living in.  This is a crucial and central focus in evolutionary anthropology, as understanding the ways in which behavior and social systems are shaped by environmental pressures is a fundamental part of the discipline.


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