How Big is The Universe?

The universe is unimaginably big. But just incase you are still trying to imagine how things compare on a universal scale, check out this mind bending interactive experience aptly titled “The Scale of the Universe“, developed by Cary and Michael Huang. Not only can you get a sense of the sheer size of the universe through scrolling between the familiar and unfamiliar, you can also click on the objects to reveal some additional interesting tidbits.

Of course, if you happen to be in Austin Texas you can come on the UT campus for the next Hot Science Cool Talks on Saturday March 1, 2014 for a day of Space Exploration: From Science Fiction to the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory. ESI is teaming up with Explore UT as part of a whole host of space related activities and exhibits all around campus between 9am and 5pm, including the talk with Dr. Glenn Lightsey (SAC Ballroom 2.410) at 10a.m. For more details on activities and attractions, check out the schedule of events, and get ready to explore Space, UT, and your Imagination!


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