Environmental Music Symposium


Each semester, Dr. Jay Banner (director of ESI) orchestrates the Environmental Music Symposium as a part of his premier undergraduate signature course entitled “Sustaining a Planet“, allowing students to creatively explore the vital concepts pertaining to environmental science and sustainability.

Sustaining a Planet (UGS 303) is the first Signature Course offered by UT-Austin and examines sustainability and the environment from the perspective of multiple disciplines. The course provides an overview of the three main pillars of sustainability: economy, social equity, and environment, and examines how the Earth and its environment work, environmental change on local and global scales due to natural and man-made causes, and how science, technology, economics, the media, and social policy are interrelated and affect individuals, communities, nations.

In his course, Dr. Banner (along with Dr. David Allen, Cockrell School of Engineering) directs a complex, interactive curriculum that enables extraordinary levels of learning, participation, and enthusiasm from classes of over two hundred students. Combining direct interaction with the most recent scientific research, his lectures are both memorable and influential. The thought provoking coursework challenges classes to examine individual actions in the context of larger shared problems, and  sophisticated critical thinking exercises prompt students to explore important problem-solving techniques. Check out the latest videos from this years Music Symposium:


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