Recognizing Groundwater Stewardship


There are few things more important to a city’s long term sustainability than it’s water source, and folks here in Austin are engaged in constant reflection and refinement concerning the cherished watersheds that flow below us like subterranean mazes. Recently, the Barton Springs and Edwards Aquifer District announced the 2013 Groundwater Stewardship Award winners, to recognize the exemplary efforts of those enabling the protection and conservation of district water resources. Among those recognized was the Environmental Science Institute’s own Director, Dr. Jay Banner (along with Corrine Wong, Jenna Kromann), for their significant research on the hydraulic connections between the Edwards and Middle Trinity Aquifers. 

Edwards-Trinity Aquifer System

Using geochemical data for these aquifers and an intervening aquitard (Upper Trinity), they confirmed earlier studies that there is minimal potential for flow between the Edwards and Middle Trinity Aquifers. This is important for determining if the Middle Trinity Aquifer can be managed separately from the Edwards Aquifer.

Results of the study were published in the (peer reviewed)  journal Groundwater, in an article pragmatically titled, “Investigating Groundwater Flow Between Edwards and Trinity Aquifers in Central Texas”.


Congratulations Dr. Banner!

Groundwater Stewardship Award

Groundwater Stewardship Award


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