I ♲ Cake, but also ♥ Recycling

America Recycles Day, on the UT Campus!

So what are YOU doing these days to help clean up waste streams, and how do you go about deciding how and what to recycle? If you haven’t heard yet, America Recycles Day is almost upon us. If you are in town on 15 November between 8am-10pm, the Office of Sustainability and Campus Environmental Center  will be meeting up at Gregory Plaza on the UT Campus to construct the largest known (recyclable) box fort castle, while also hosting a sustainability fair with food and fun activities such as recycling bin decoration!

While UT Austin has its own master sustainability plan, more and more, cities are beginning to wake up and take responsibility for their waste impacts. With a goal to reach zero waste by 2040, the city of Austin is currently working towards developing a system of single stream recycling that can identify, sort, and help simplify the recycling process. For now, we still have to be pretty choosy about what goes in the recycling bin, but perhaps one day we will only utilize materials that are 100% safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, and renewable.

America Recyles Day cake

America Recyles Day cake (Photo credit: vastateparksstaff)


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