Several Sources Say Shutdown Stymies Science


Are you concerned about how the recent shut down of the U.S. Government might affect the state of Science? There are definitely more than a few reasons to stay informed, so the folks over at AAAS ScienceInsider have put together a list of who is still on the job, and what organizations have been hit the hardest. Science and the Shutdown: 11 Days and Counting | Science/AAAS | News:

ScienceInsider has been tracking the partial U.S. government shutdown since it began…Member of Congress and President Barack Obama are now discussing a way out of the impasse.

For some scientists, it’s too little, too late. Their research has already been disrupted. For others, however, the crisis has yet to hit home.

For information about how UT Austin and T-Rex Skeletons are being affected by the recent closure, check out the UT 2013 Federal Shutdown page and this other article.

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