A List Of GMO Free Food Companies, If You Like That Kind of Thing

Sometimes you may just want to eat a little transgenic food, and I understand that. It is new, innovative, and a little risk is exciting, right! We could someday have glowing spaghetti that can be eaten in the dark, strawberries as big as apples that self-regenerate, and chickens with a six pack of leg-thigh combos ready for the bacon infused GMOil fryer. But for those not ready to be the  trailblazers when it comes to the latest food technology wonders, here is a list of some non-GMO food providers who still (at the time of posting) are refusing to genetically modify their foods beyond the same old single species cross-breeding techniques that gave us edible apples, huge corn husks, and the multi-grafted fruit tree.

A List Of GMO Free Food Companies | Bleep.

Or maybe you just want to give up on food all together, like this guy:


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